American Folk Art Museum Gets By With a Little From their Friends

| September 26, 2011 | 0 Comments

The American Folk Art Museum in New York has decided to stay the course-meaning they will maintain the museum at its 2 Lincoln Square site.

Friends stepping up to the plate to make sure that America’s folk heritage remains intact are led by the Ford Foundation.

According to a letter from Linda Dunne, acting director, several of New York’s museums have joined together in a spirit of cooperation to make the best of an impossible situation. They include The Brooklyn Museum, New York Historical Society, the Museum of Art & Design.

If you are not in tune with AFAM, it is home to some of the most accessible American art you can imagine. From early portraits by limners – itinerant artists – to contemporary artists, many of them obsessive, untrained masters who create for themselves – the museum has been supported by a long list of benefactors.

Whether  viewing the primitive scenes of Clementine Hunter, the Louisiana painter, or foraging through the text that accmpanies Henry Darger’s alien world – the work of Outsiders is a staple of the American Folk Art Museum.

For now, I’ll give a nod to AFAM and close with a promise to delve into the world of Outsider art at another time. But please, send a comment along letting us know that you would like to know more about it.

As a closing note to Ms. Dunne and Mr. Blanchard: If can further your efforts, we gladly offer our support.

Darger's children appear within a hair's breath of danger

Henry Darger



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